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Short Description

MYARTIST is a social cooperative enterprise founded in 2018 that aspires to use art as a means of social change and empowerment of adults & youth, mainly through the lens of lifelong learning. Although people involved in the arts and culture are the Cooperative’s core target audience, MYARTIST seeks to use culture as a vital tool for promoting conversation across various populations, and worldviews to promote tolerance and teamwork in the protection of human rights. With the aim to contribute to developing a knowledge society, with no person left behind, MYARTIST has a proven experience in adult education – either through projects targeting the adult population or projects aiming to train adult educators. 

MYARTIST core activities are described and entailed in three pillars in the sustainability framework: Culture & Arts, Education, Social Inclusion & Accessibility.

Official Website

Legal representative details

Sofia Mastrokoukou, Co-Founder

Contact Person details

Konstantinos Karalariotis, Project Manager

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