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Work Packages 2 - Booklet with intergenerational activities including best practices applied in partner countries


Tips sections provide practical advice and strategies to improve understanding or performance in the application of intergenerational activities and the usage of digital tools.

Intergenerational Activities - Scenarios:
Activity - The Art of Focus and Relaxation Breathing

Relax with Breathing Exercises

To relax, try easy breathing exercises. Wear comfy clothes, find a quiet spot, and use YouTube for help or listen to calm music on Spotify. A few minutes of focused breathing can help you feel better!

Activity - Exploring Cultural Artifacts

Exploring Cultural Artifacts & Google Arts

Google Arts is a valuable digital tool for seniors to explore and engage with art and culture from around the world. Seniors can use Google Arts to access virtual museum tours, view high-resolution artwork images, and read detailed information about artists and their works. They can search for specific artworks, genres, or time periods of interest, expanding their knowledge and appreciation of art. Seniors can also use the platform to discover art-related stories, documentaries, and educational resources. Google Arts provides an immersive and accessible way for seniors to connect with art and culture, fostering creativity and intellectual stimulation.

Activity - Cultural Exchange through Storytelling

Cultural Exchange through Storytelling & Padlet

Padlet is a user-friendly digital tool that seniors can use to create virtual bulletin boards. They can post thoughts, ideas, and content, such as text, images, videos, and documents. Seniors can personalize their boards with different layouts, colors, and fonts. They can collaborate by commenting on posts and engaging in conversations. Privacy and security should be emphasized, and support resources should be provided. Overall, seniors can use Padlet to share and interact with others in a creative and organized way.

Cultural Exchange through Storytelling & Storybird

Storybird is a user-friendly digital tool that allows seniors and young people to collaborate and create stories together. Seniors and young people can use Storybird to co-author stories by combining their writing skills with vibrant illustrations from the platform's extensive library. They can take turns writing paragraphs or chapters, building upon each other's ideas and adding depth to the story. Seniors can share their life experiences and wisdom while young people can bring fresh perspectives and creativity to the storytelling process. The collaborative nature of Storybird encourages intergenerational dialogue, fosters mutual respect, and strengthens the bonds between seniors and young people. It provides an engaging and meaningful activity that promotes teamwork, communication, and the joy of storytelling.

Activity - Virtual museums

Guided virtual museum tour

To implement a guided virtual museum tour in an intergenerational context, educators can pair younger participants with older individuals based on shared interests in art or history, ensuring a mutually enriching experience. They should encourage open dialogue, allowing each pair to discuss and reflect on the artworks, fostering a deeper understanding across generations.

Activity - Nature collages

Intergenerational context of nature collage activity

To implement the nature collage activity in an intergenerational context, educators should facilitate a shared learning environment where elderly and younger participants can teach each other digital skills and artistic techniques, using technology as a bridge rather than a barrier. Encourage storytelling about the chosen natural elements to deepen the intergenerational exchange and enrich the creative process.

Activity - E-Café for seniors


Organise the E-Café for seniors and youngsters in person to do the ice-breaker and the main activity for WhatsApp. Also, adult educators should always ask seniors if they have any questions or issues regarding the use of WhatsApp.

Mirroring App

When introducing smartphones to senior learners is best to use this or similar apps in order to allow them to mimic what the educator is doing on his/her smartphone screen easily and effortlessly. Also, the educator will spend less time demonstrating the same activities to each senior since the entire class will be able to follow his/her steps on their own screen.

Activity - 'Upgrading – Wisdom Exchange' workshop


Through this activity upload on Facebook content related to cultural and active participation of senior citizens. For the cultural aspect, youngsters learn more about culture and history, and for the active participation seniors learn how to be active in their communities with the support of youngsters

Activity - Travel the world with culinary highlights


Provide a guide on how to search content on YouTube. Some participants may not be familiar with it. Can incorporate this in the session.

My Fitness Pal

This app provides a very handy way of monitoring weight and what you eat based on counting calories. Try to provide some food facts, that can be unknown to people like that nuts are extremely calorie dense or that people should focus on eating calories rather than drinking them (e.g., coca cola with or without sugar)

Activity - Making a cookbook together!

iEatWell: Healthy Food Diary

Provide a guide on how creating a habit of reporting what you eat is beneficial. Can incorporate this in the session. Also talk about visually pleasing food (can be in relation to psychology) and how it is perceived as tastier and healthier.

Activity - How My Town has Changed


To create impactful presentations using Mentimeter, focus on engaging your audience through a variety of interactive features, including multiple-choice questions, word clouds, and quizzes. Design visually appealing slides with a consistent theme to enhance the overall experience. Mix different question types to keep participants interested and encourage active participation. Leverage Mentimeter's real-time results feature to display live responses during your presentation, fostering audience engagement. Practice and test your presentation beforehand to ensure smooth execution, and encourage audience interaction through open-ended questions and discussions. Additionally, stay updated on Mentimeter's features to make the most of its functionalities and continuously enhance your presentation skills.

Intergenerational Activities - Scenarios:
Activity - Ecological curiosities and facts hunt


In this Activity participants will take a walk with Actionbound to find and hunt hidden ecological curiosities and facts. As there are seniors in the groups the walk should be quite easy and slow, and it is recommended to make some stops in-between. It would be a good idea to plan some short break when creating the tour and putting it in your Bound.

Activity - Outdoor gym

Boost Your Outdoor Workout with Google Fit

Try using Google Fit during your outdoor gym time. It helps you track where you walk or run and set goals to keep you motivated. You can also connect devices to stay safe and see your progress. Celebrate your achievements right in the app. Enjoy exercising outdoors with Google Fit!

Activity - Nordic Walking

Get Ready to Walk with Google Maps

Choose poles that fit your height and have extra feet. Check your elbow angle when holding them. Use Google Maps to plan your route in parks or forests. Then, enjoy your walk!

Activity - Outdoor Art Class

How to maximize the benefits of the Outdoor Art Class

To maximize the benefits of the Outdoor Art Class in an intergenerational context, educators should encourage participants to share their artistic visions and techniques with each other, pairing younger and older individuals to collaborate on a single piece. This approach promotes mutual learning and appreciation of different perspectives, while the use of digital tools can help bridge the technological gap between generations.

Activity - Do it like a young local’ meetings


Youngsters can use this activity in person with senior citizens and organise a cultural trip to show them live.

Activity - Start your home-grown herb garden

Nike Training Club: Fitness

This is a very handy app that can give exercise suggestions based on someone's goals and experiences. The tip here is really to emphasise the importance of physical exercise, even for a short amount of time per day.

User-Friendly Digital Tools


Test and review your Bound! Before publishing your Bound, it's essential to test it to ensure everything functions as intended. Use the "Test Bound" feature within the app to go through the experience yourself and make any necessary adjustments or corrections. Before you start the game make sure in each group there is a person with downloaded and working application.

Virtual Museum Tour

Utilize Adobe Scan during the virtual museum tour to allow participants to digitize and archive their favorite artworks, fostering a deeper engagement with art while enhancing their digital literacy skills.


Canva is easy to use, has user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop editor, although it might be overwhelming when used for the first time. Before your participants will start their designs, show some basic features on the projector and provide some time for questions and answers.

Comic Strip It!

This app allows users to create comic strips using their own photos or pre-drawn characters. It offers a wide range of customization options and speech bubble features to add dialogue to the comic strips.

Google Fit / Step Counter

As Google Fit doesnt count steps and Step Counter is not giving insights on more advanced trainings, for the best experience while exercising its best to use both apps simultaneously

Google Maps

Google Maps allow users to download part of the map, so user can use it offline. It is very useful in case you and your group are going to the area where there is bad internet connection

Healthy Recipes applications

We have all been accustomed to certain recipes that are tasty and (usually) fairly quick to make, but are the ingredients used healthy (or do we add too much oil and butter)? It is important to look at what we serve to our body and these types of applications can give more inspiration regarding more plant based and plant enriched meals. Emphasise the importance of a diet rich in vegetables and fruits (can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check).


As it is only available in English, German, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish, explain to your participants that to participate they need to go to and use the code provided by the tool and displayed on a screen (projector).

My Fitness Pal

You can synch it with your phone steps counting in order to deduct calories you have burned during exercising.


• Update interests and follow new boards for a fresh feed. • Spend a bit of time daily exploring new pins. • Be kind and respectful in comments for a positive community experience

Nature Collages

Incorporate the PlantNet application into the “Nature Collage” activity to encourage participants to identify and learn about various plants, enhancing their environmental awareness and adding an educational layer to their artistic creations.

Open Outdoor Class

Leverage Procreate in the Activity “Outdoor Art Class” to enable participants to experiment with digital brushes and textures, enriching their artistic experience and expanding their digital creativity.

Storyboard That

Storyboard That offers a user-friendly platform for creating visually engaging and dynamic storyboards. To maximize your experience, consider starting with a template that aligns with your project's theme, be it for education, business, or personal storytelling. Utilize the vast library of customizable characters, scenes, and objects to tailor your visuals to specific needs. Experiment with the customization options, such as text, speech bubbles, and formatting tools, to enhance the narrative within each storyboard cell. Leverage collaboration features to work seamlessly with others on shared projects, and take advantage of the export options to download your completed storyboards in various formats. Whether you're a student, educator, or professional, Storyboard That provides a versatile platform for expressing ideas and creating compelling visual narratives.

How to optimize your YouTube content

To optimize your YouTube content, focus on creating compelling thumbnails and titles that grab viewers' attention. Craft concise and engaging video descriptions with relevant keywords for better discoverability. Consistency is key; maintain a regular upload schedule to keep your audience engaged. Foster community interaction by responding to comments and encouraging viewers to subscribe. Pay attention to video quality and audio clarity to enhance overall production value. Lastly, stay updated on YouTube's algorithm changes and analytics to refine your content strategy and grow your channel effectively.

Zoom Dance Session

Clear instructions: As the facilitator, provide clear and concise instructions for each dance routine or activity. Break down the steps into smaller segments, demonstrating and explaining them in a way that is easy to follow. Consider using visual aids or diagrams to support the instructions. Visual cues: Use visual cues, such as hand gestures or body movements, to convey directions or timing during the dance sessions. This can help participants better understand the movements and stay synchronized. Spotlight feature: Utilize the Zoom spotlight feature to highlight specific dancers or groups during performances or demonstrations. This can create a more focused and immersive experience for participants, allowing them to fully appreciate the movements and choreography.

General advise

• Check your audio and video before joining. • Use a quiet, well-lit space for better interaction. • Practice patience and mute when not speaking for a smoother experience.

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